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Kristina D. Cvetich Sesión 5

Kristina D. Cvetich
Sesión 5

Bull, H. (1977) The Anarchical Society. New York: Colombia University Press. Pp. 1-94

International order, made up of an international society/system of states) consists of common goals.  An element of society, thus order, has always existed and exists in the International System today. Order is driven by common interest; effective rules establish these interests and guide and maintain the order through institutions. International order is intertwined with justice.

This topic is essential to academic research in International Relations since order, the establishment and maintenance of it, is a main component and driving force of international relations.  Through this reading one can further understand, question and analyze society, international society and world society.

The reading in general is helpful in the development of my research focus, in that it broadens my capability to examine international relations, specifically the United States, and it’s actions in the international realm. One cannot truly understand International Relations, without understanding the role order plays within International Society. 

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